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Essential Oils and Food-Grade Aromas

January 15, 2017

For our spa parties, it has been our mandate for over three years now, to use only essential oils and food-grade aromas.  When I first started giving these parties, I used to pick up every fragrance that the kids or parents suggested and eventually, I couldn't figure out why I was leaving the parties with a headache. After a while, I realized it was due to some of the scents. Using only essential oils and food-grade aromas has made a world of difference.  I also started bringing spices to parties, as their scent is not as overpowering as essential oils. Cinnamon, for example, makes an awesome additive in the bath salts or sugar scrubs that doesn't smell too strong.  There are lots of ways to get around the scent issue. In fact, we have event done scent-free spa parties! Guests tear up rose petals, add food colouring, spices, and sparkles to personalize their products. See, there are lots of ways to make everyone happy! Natural is best!

Outdoor Spa Parties are Great for Summer

February 14, 2017

I love how versatile these parties are. When parents tell me they have very little space for a party of 20 kids (what!), if it's a summer party, I often suggest we take the party outside! All we need is a couple of fold-up tables (which can be supplied), along with chairs. It's a very carefree set-up! If it isn't possible to go outdoors and the group is that large, sometimes an option is to rent space at one of the local community centers or even the library. Some parents have even booked their child's school gym. The handy thing with that is it's very easy for other parents to find and all of the tables and chairs are right there. 

Salt-Shakin' Fun!

March 15, 2017

Have you ever bought plain old Epsom salts and added your own flair to them to make them uniquely yours? It's fun to see what kids come up with, using the same selection of ingredients. Some make chocolate milk bath salts; some lavender with fresh rose petals; some coconut and orange. Some add sparkles and food colouring. So simple and so fun!

My Own Self-Care Journey

Sept. 28, 2017

I remember my self-care journey. I went from the hardest time of my life to rising up and starting my own business. How did I do it?

First, I chose to do things that made me feel valued. For me, this included using natural body-care products like they're going to go bad (instead of waiting for a special occasion). I spent more time outside, and doing fun activities like biking and going to yoga. I changed my eating to focus more on healthy foods. I bought myself flowers and used essential oils everyday.

I started to feel valued, worthy, deserving.

The best part was that eventually, I realized I didn't need any of those things to make me feel that way.